When buying leotards, two key questions are:

  1. Are there rules for the whole studio?
  2. Is the teacher strict?

At some studios, only black leotards are permitted. It may even be a specific brand and style of black leotard. If there is a required color, it's very unusual for the color to be anything but black.

Instead, the studio may simply require a solid color leotard. Blue and green are both popular. The solid color should be reasonable. It shouldn't be the same color as your tights!

If you have more than one teacher, you need to be careful to have the right leotard available on the right day. One option is to only buy leotards that are ok for your strictest teacher. But, usually, if the teacher doesn't require black, you'll want to wear another color -- at least sometimes. You'll fit into that class better and won't feel out of place.

some web sites for buying leotards

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